Entertainment and Media special interest group

The entertainment industry is a complex area for tax and accounting. We can deal with you from the time you start – whether you are 15 or 50 and guide you through the dark art of taxation and accounting. Many of our clients are household names but others are just starting out. They all benefit from our experience and detailed knowledge of the industry. Instead of listening to whispers behind stage door about what other people claim and 'get away with' we will guide you through the real regulations in the hope that you will not be chosen for a tax investigation.

You will need to keep good records and to help you we have a down load available on our website demonstrating what you can claim and how to keep those records yourself. We also have a separate record available for you for when you work overseas because the rules are different.We have a great number of clients who work in the theatre, play in orchestras or are solo performers. Sue Christensen herself trained as a soprano at the Royal Manchester College of Music and sang professionally for some years so we understand the music business. We can use our experience to help you organise your tax affairs effectively from the very start of your career.

Send us an email and we will send you our advice sheet without cost or obligation.

Please also see below other useful downloads:

Record of Income & Expenditure

Overseas Record of Income Expenditure

Both these files are password protected - please contact us to obtain details.