Personal Tax

We appreciate that the thought of completing a tax return can fill people with dread even if their affairs are very straightforward. We can provide the help and reassurance you need, and complete your return effectively – and economically. The most common cause of panic is to leave things to the last minute. If you need help, then get in touch as soon as possible after the tax year ends on April 5th; December is usually too late! We submit all Client tax returns on-line which ensures immediate delivery. We will notify you of the deadlines for the return and for the payments of tax and when filing on line becomes compulsory we will let you know in good time.

If your financial affairs are more complicated, then dealing with your tax should involve careful planning to ensure that you manage your liabilities in the most efficient fashion. We can provide expert and up-to-date advice on matters such as the timing of the disposal of assets, dealing with benefits in kind (motor vehicles are a good example) inheritance tax, benefits, and making provision for retirement funds other than pensions. And if you have a limited income, and have some savings and investment income that is taxed at source, we may be able to help you claim a refund.