Specialised Tax Services

  • If your business trades outside the United Kingdom then you may find yourself with tax liabilities in two (or more) different countries This is a complex area and we can offer sound advice based on our knowledge of the rules relating to double taxation agreements worldwide.
  • Issues of domicile and residence are currently under close scrutiny and anyone claiming relief in this area needs to be very careful with the preparation of their tax return. Our experience in this area is up-to-date and authoritative.
  • Capital gains tax planning: we continually monitor the ever-changing tax regulations, and provide timely advice where potential savings could be at risk.
  • If you wish to dispose of your business then you will need to take advice and plan your exit strategy in order to minimise your tax liability.
  • If you wish to set up a trust we can offer advice on the best kind for your needs, and follow this up with the preparation of trust accounts and tax returns.

Tax Investigations

Quite often HMRC investigate on a 'lottery' basis. There are also PAYE and VAT routine reviews which can turn into disputes. We are able to act on behalf of our clients in negotiations with HMRC to ensure the best possible outcome. We can attend meetings on your behalf so you are not put through the 'ringer' and assist in providing back up documentation to your computations. By taking a front line approach we can minimise your stress and any potential business disruption and ensure that tax investigations are concluded as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As tax enquiries and disputes can be expensive we have taken the precaution of reviewing the insurance market to fins effective cover for our clients at a competitive rate, if you would like to take up this insurance please let us know.